Dos Luces Brewery

We are very proud to be building the new location for Dos Luces Brewery on Denver’s Historic South Broadway. Founded by Denver native Judd Belstock, Dos Luces, at 1236 South Broadway, means “Two Lights” in Spanish. One refers to chicha and the other to pulque. They also tie into a light from Belstock’s local community and a light from the international world. And he sees them as a light from the past lighting the way for one in the future.

Belstock will have ten taps in the 3,000-square-foot former antiques store, from which they’ll typically pour at least one chicha (at around 5 percent ABV), a fruited or spiced chicha, a pulque (at 6 percent ABV) a fruited or spiced pulque, a non-alcoholic chicha.